A Collection Of Cricket Facts

Here is a collection of some interesting cricket facts

1. Chetan Chauhan, Surinder Amarnath and Kapil Dev all made their ODI debut for India in the same match.

2. Merv Huges of Australia was nicknamed 'Fruit Fly' by his team mates.

3. Did you know that the earliest players of the game would bowl underarm.

4. Charles Bannerman of Australia hit the 'first four' in Test cricket.

5. Graham McKenzie of Australia bowled the first ball in Test cricket.

6. Sourav Ganguly is the first (and till date the only cricketer) to have won four successive man of the match awards in ODIs.

7. The longest test match (on those days test were virtually 'timeless') lasted for a good 10 days. It was the fifth and final test match of the South Africa V England series of 1938-39. South Africa had set England a fourth innings target of 696 runs to win. England astonishingly were batting at 654 for 5 on the 10th day and within 42 runs of a historic win when play was inturrupted due to rain. With no play possible on that day, the match was abandoned as England had to leave Durban (the venue) that night to be on time to board a ship back home from Cape Town.  An aggregate of 1981 runs were scored in that test match - a record that still stands!