10 Reasons Why Sourav Ganguly Should Be The Next Indian Coach

This article identifies the reasons why Sourav Ganguly should be appointed as the Next Indian Cricket Coach..

Because he is one of the most successful captains India has ever produced. He knows what it takes to win.

Because he is greatly respected in the Indian Cricketing Circle by players and management alike.

Because his grit and spirit is legendary. Having scripted one of the greatest comebacks in cricketing history, he is indeed an inspiration for many.

Because he is still young and involved with the game. It would be easier for him to connect with the younger lot.

Because he has a cricketing brain that is unparalleled in cricketing circles.

Because he has an aggressive mind set and the right person to take Indian Cricket forward.

Because he is an Indian himself and can better understand the players mindset and communicate effectively with them.

Because he laid the foundation stones of what Indian Cricket is today.

Because he is not afraid of speaking out his mind.

And last but not the least

Because he has got tons of experience behind his back in all forms of cricket.

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